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Side View of Audi A3 Current car. Top of the Audi A3 TDIe range.

The only black Audi A3 available for lessons in the Huddersfield Area.

Here is a video view of the Audi 3
Photo taken up at Holme Moss where it was cloudy, so the car doesn't look as shiny.
Up at Holme Moss
Looking back to Huddersfield from Holme Moss
Inside view of Audi A3 Inside the Audi
Front of Audi A3 Front view of the the Audi just proir to collection.
Rear view of Audi A3 Rear view of the Audi just before collection.
Photo of Driving Lessons Huddersfield car This is my last car, in which 100s passed their test.

Spot the difference between this photo and the next one!!!    Ring David to tell him what it is, and get a free lesson.

  Competition not open to current pupils!!!
Photo of Driving Lessons Huddersfield Car Spot the difference between this photo and the one above!!! Ring David to tell him what it is, and get a free lesson.
Matt passed is test first time in his brand new Renault, but the next day he was told he had to retake it because it had an electronic handbrake. He passed again in my car, again first time.

Then a few weeks later the DSA changed their minds about electronic handbrakes, saying it is now ok to use modern cars with modern safety features to take your test.



Yes!!! I've passed my test!!!
Photo of Driving Lessons Huddersfield pupil Thank you David
Photo of driving lessons huddersfield pupil Now I just need a car!!!!
Now I can drive to work instead of catching the shuttle bus!
WOW!. I can't believe it. I've passed. I only started lessons with David 4 weeks ago and now after only 7 lessons with him I have passed 1st time with only 1 minor error for when I stalled the car at the last set of traffic lights on the way back to the test centre.

Here is a quick introduction to David and his last car. After you watch the video you will need to click the BACK button on your browser to return here. See you soon.

Can you read the phone number?

It's 0800 074 6270

If it is not easy to read this, or if it is blurred, you need specs.

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If you can't read the number plate at 67 feet you may need some new specs BEFORE you learn to drive, go to this an optician NOW  

67 feet is approximately 25 big paces when an adult is marching.



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