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This is the driving instruction business of David Parry. Ask any of his past pupils. Many of which attended Greenhead College. Greenhead enjoys the reputation of being one, if not the, best college in the country. So if you go to Greenhead you are probably in the top 5% of pupils and as such you will find learning to drive relatively easy. Provided of course that you are taught properly. I pride myself in getting my pupils "test ready" faster than the average throughout the rest of the country. If you take lessons with David you will be driving on your first lesson. You may even do a 3 point turn on your first lesson and you will probably drive yourself home, or back to college on your first lesson. You see, I do not believe it is possible to learn to drive if the car is just stationary whilst the instructor talks to you. You need to get stuck in and actually drive.

This is why David's lessons may not be the cheapest in Huddersfield, but overall you will need a lot LESS lessons than if you go to the cheap guys who will keep telling you that you're not ready for the test. I bet you know friends who have been learning for ages and don't seem to be getting anywhere. I recently got a new pupil who had been with a national driving school and had had 35 lessons, yet she still hadn't attempted the parking exercise or a reverse around a corner !!


This is the car you will be learning in. Yes. That's right. A new AUDI A3. So you will be very comfortable and very safe. The car is fitted with HE-Man dual controls. Now, because I live very close to Greenhead, I am prepared to give a discount to pupils who block book and pay in advance for their lessons. Most of my pupils are test ready after about 15 lessons. Whether they pass 1st time or not depends on how they handle themselves on test day, some go to pieces due to nerves, but most are confident they will pass, and they do! So that means a pass after spending only 260 on lessons. The national average is 52 hours for women and 36 hours for men (DSA stats quoted in Daily Telegraph, 14th March 2012). So if they had searched for a cheap instructor charging 15 ph they would have paid 780 and 540 respectfully. Some of those will have been taught by the big national companies who charge 23 or 25. Do the sums !!

                                                             So I believe that I am the most cost effective instructor you could pick.



That's me, (David Parry) and just three of my pupils who passed first time. No wonder they are smiling. That could be you...soon. Call me to arrange your first lesson.

My number is

0800 074 6270 

or you can text me if you want on

07713 18 21 21


send me an email


My normal lesson price is 25. If you book and pay for 10 I give you the Greenhead discount so you only pay 225 for 10. If, as I hope, you won't need 20 lessons or more, after five lessons, you can postpone the last 5 of the block booking until you have passed your theory test and booked the practical test. These last 5 lessons can be used to hone your test skills in a series of "mock tests". In between you can just pay for one off lessons as and when you have them. I do recommend though that you have at least one lesson a week. You will have an advantage if you can practice with your parents in their car in between lessons with me. If you can't get this sort of practice I recommend 2 lessons a week.

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