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Karen's Story
Hello.   My name is Karen John. Here is my story about how I passed my test in Huddersfield. I have lived in Huddersfield all my life. For years I relied on buses and taxis and cadging lifts from friends and neighbours. But I always wanted to drive myself. I did start to learn when I was young, but I couldn't afford lessons, so I just got friends to let me try driving their cars round my local estate. Not the ideal way to learn, because my friends were not, I now know, very good drivers and they let me get away with some very bad habits. I didn't keep learning though because I started having kids. That meant I had even less time and money for driving lessons. Years later I met David, who became a very good friend, taking me and the kids on trips and treats. He was always offering to teach me for free, but I didn't take him up on the offer, because I didn't want to take advantage of his good nature. I waited until I could afford to pay him for his lessons. After all, it was his living!

Anyway, in 2008, I was better off. So I decided to go for it. I passed the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test. If only I'd done it all when I was 17, the theory test didn't exist then! Fortunately, on my first lesson, I drove as well as I thought I could, trying to correct all those bad habits I had picked up before. David surprised me by saying I should apply for the test, which I did. Next lesson David really put me straight. I found it so easy to understand what I needed to do to pass. David was so calm and professional, I thought that because we were friends he wouldn't take me seriously. How wrong could I have been. Next lesson he helped me perfect the reversing manoeuvres, and took me round a couple of test routes. He told me to BOOK A TEST.


I did book the test, and did some practice in a friend's car. The week before my test, David gave me one more lesson, then gave me a "mock" test. His "acting" was so good I thought he really was an examiner. I got nervous and everything. But he assured me that he would not be letting me take the test in HIS car if he honestly didn't think I was good enough.

The day of my test David turned up bang on time. Time enough for me to finish the last minute nerve calming fag. Off we went to the test centre, via one of the routes. We did a final practice and got to the test centre in time for another last minute nerve calming fag!

It seemed no time at all before I was driving round the test route with the real examiner. SHE WAS A WOMAN! But I was driving well!  I could imagine David's calm voice in my head "coaching" me along. Whether it was luck, or David's knowledge or what, but my test route was almost exactly where  David had taken me the week before. Back at the test centre, nice and smooth,  "Don't cock it up now Karen", Pull over, EASY, don't clip the kerb! Park, PHEW

"OK. Switch off your engine please. That's the end of your test" the examiner said "Give me a moment to complete the test sheet"

"Have I passed? ...What did I do wrong? .....Why is she taking so long? .....Oh my god, get on with it. I need a fag. ....Where's David?"

"I'm pleased to tell you that you have passed"

What sweet words. I could hardly believe it .... I'd PASSED




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