Matt passed is test first time in his brand new Renault, but the next day he was told he had to retake it because it had an electronic handbrake. He passed again in my car, again first time.

Then a few weeks later the DSA changed their minds about electronic handbrakes, saying it is now ok to use modern cars with modern safety features to take your test.



Yes!!! I've passed my test!!!

Photo of Driving Lessons Huddersfield pupil Karen.

Thank you David.

Now I just need a car!!!!

Dr Karim.

Now I can drive to work instead of catching the shuttle bus!


WOW!. I can't believe it. I've passed. I only started lessons with David 4 weeks ago and now after only 7 lessons with him I have passed 1st time with only 1 minor error for when I stalled the car at the last set of traffic lights on the way back to the test centre.

Samir. I didn't tell anyone except my parents that I was taking the test today. I bet they won't believe I've passed.

Yellen. This time David took me for a lesson in the morning, then made me go and try to relax for an hour or so. We then went straight to the test centre, but I was still really nervous. I also took David's advice not to tell friends and relatives I was taking the test today.

It all worked .... I PASSED .... Yeeeaaahhhhh !!!



Pleased to have passed before Suzie, his wife, who takes her test in a few weeks.


Jaz. Now she needs to persuade her father to let her drive his Jaguar.

Oliver. Passed after 3 lessons

Read his story here  ...... Oliver's story.



  Paul   from Slaithwaite.  Now I can get promotion because I can drive other things      as well as fork lift truck.

James English.  Passed first time. So happy because my brother passed second time.

Alan King.  Passed first time after 10 lessons. David's relaxed teaching really gave me the confidence I needed.

Joel Jackson.  Passed first time after only 2 lessons. David very kindly stepped in to help when previous instructor let me down.

Christiana Ogunfowake. Phew. At last I've passed. My theory certificate runs out in 5 days !!!

Misan. Thank the Lord! My wife won't believe this and Christiana too.

Kyra.  Thank you David !

Laura.  When I bumped that kerb I thought I'd failed. But I remember what David said about never losing concentration, so I kept trying. AND I PASSED. 

Hasham.  Last of the Farooq family. David taught Umar, Fahan, Abid, Asraf, Mohamed,,,,and now Hasham

Josh. Finally conquered the nerves and did it.