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If you have passed your driving test you are now fully qualified to drive your car/van on any roads in the UK...including Motorways.

However, you are not an experienced driver, and insurance companies apply high premiums to inexperienced drivers.

Also, until now, you have been driving as a learner driver with an fully qualified driver sitting next to you. If have have had teaching from a driving instructor, his/her emphasis was probably teaching you how to pass the L test, with perhaps a small amount of "advanced" teaching towards safer driving, eco driving, fast driving.


The PASSPLUS scheme was brought into being to give advice and training for newly qualified drivers who wish to progress from novice drivers into GOOD drivers.

A lot of insurance companies appreciate this difference and promote and support the scheme by offering lower premiums to people who have successfully completed a PASSPLUS course.

If you have already driven a car "on your own" you may have already experienced the different attitude other drivers show you, now that you are not displaying L Plates.


The PassPlus course is divided into 6 modules:


Dual Carriageways

Town Centre Driving

Country Roads

Night Driving

Bad Weather Driving


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You will have already driven the first 3 modules, you may have driven at night, probably driven in bad weather (ie rain, this is the UK, but you may not have driven in snow), and you have probably not driven on the motorways yet.

It is easy to provide you with the appropriate conditions to cover the PassPlus aspects for Dual Carriageways, Motorways, Town and Country roads. A little awkward to give night time lessons in the summer, but possible.

Actually arranging the bad weather and snow to occur at the exact time of your lesson is something over which no-one has any control, but advice can be given.

Here is a flaw in the system. Most Certificates of Competent completion of the PassPlus course will probably have been issued with all 6 modules being full covered. After all, there are not many weeks when snow remains on the ground long enough!


I am happy to provide a PassPlus course to anyone for 150 for the 6 modules, but I cannot say when it will be completed due to the weather.


HOWEVER, if I have given you lessons up to and including passing your L test, you will know that you have already "done" 4 of the modules. So for "MY" pupils I will take you out on to the Motorways to give you that vital, potentially life saving lesson. Currently I charged 25 for an hours lesson on the Motorways. That amount is easily re-couped from the reduction you may get from your insurance company.


The course will teach you different driving techniques.

Things like how to save fuel, how to make your driving smoother, how to safely cut corners, how to even out the wear and tear on tyres, how to steer properly using different methods other than the push pull method examiners prefer to see on the L test, how to park between 2 cars and or the supermarket.

So if you want more lessons to improve your driving call me on

07713 182121


01484 513295


0800 074 6270

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