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Huddersfield Driving Lessons Price Structure  
The philosophy on price is simple. The prices offered here are straight forward, but if you don't see what you want, contact David to negotiate want you want.  




Single Lesson (1 hour) 25.00 mornings .... 30 afternoons                                             30 weekend mornings .....100 evenings (after 5pm)
Extended Lesson (1.5 hours) poa                                                     
Double Lesson not available                                                
Book & Pay for 11 Lessons 250.00  
Motorway Lessons 40.00  Sometime in 2018 learners will be allowed on the motorway .... under professional instruction of course.


If existing pupil  (6 modules)  
If PassPlus only (6 modules) No longer available


New Pupil, Beginners only. Book and pay in advance for 11 lessons and I will let you borrow my car for your first test for free.

Introduce a friend who books 10 lessons - Get FREE Lesson

If you don't pass test - next lesson FREE

If you do pass test first time - Motorway Lesson FREE



Intensive Course No longer available

Advanced Driving Techniques



Driving In Europe, USA, Asia, Australia Available By Special Arrangement

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